The Destructive Character

The destructive character is written by the Dutch composer, multimedia artist and theorist Dick Raaikmakers. The book is a commentary on an essay from 1931 by Walter Benjamin bearing the same tittle and included in publication. In his reaction, Raaijmaker focuses on the fact that the destructive character known of only one activity: clearing away. His survey of this creative clearing, destructively discovering new paths, makes us understand that every destruction always implies a new beginning.

With this thought in mind, I created a special pagination system in the book. And because the text had to be in two languages (with the Dutch being the main language), I decided to give the reader an opportunity to cover up the English text. That allowed me to create "wrong" pagination when the book is unfolded, creating the feeling of deconstruction with following reconstruction for the Dutch readers, thus adding a little extra to the spirit of the text itself.