Galaxies Forming Along The Filaments

The idea was to make a poster for the fictional Tomas Saraceno's exhibition. Tomas Saraceno's work challenge the conventional restrictions on the human habitat, and suggest new ways of perceiving nature. Futuristic urban models of floating metropolises suggest the possibility of moving cities from the earth’s surface into the air and serve as a central theme in the artist's practice. Galaxies Forming along Filaments, Like Droplets along the Strands of a Spider’s Web is not an exception.
Saraceno is a former architect known for following in the tradition of other maverick designers who have developed provocatively inventive projects with the goal of changing human behavior and living conditions – such as Buckminster Fuller, Archigram and the Ant Farm group – also has a knack for presenting his conceptual projects in ways that capture the imagination. My idea was to recreate the same feeling in the 2D format. I wanted to create a system which would still reflect the spirit of the work and at the same time would encourage viewers to think when looking at it.