"I Accept"

What is the biggest lie of 21st century? Probably it's 'I have read and understood the license agreement'. With this unstructured and confusing publication I tried to attract people's attention to the problem of their personal ignorance towards such an important thing as license agreement. My goal was to bring attention to the fact of blind acceptance of things which are written in those agreements. For example, each time when people click "accept" or "agree" or "understood" they agree with the fact that their information will be shared, used and maybe even distributed by the third parties. To many of us it's seems like a "normal" personal sacrifice in order to stay connected with the outer world or to use things for "free". And because no one wants to miss out on new free big thing or just simply be "untrendy" these people are "forced" to accept the agreements so it's choiceless choice after all. 

So welcome to the world of things that you 'have read, understood and accepted' Are you really sure you did?