Have you ever wondered with what sort of information your brain deals on a daily basis? How much data is processed by your brain every minute of your life? These questions were the core idea for this project. In order to show the volume of the information we deal with, I had to narrow down it to something really simple.For that matter, I decided to pick very simple object that we all use in our daily life. A Pen. I found seven most popular definitions of what is a pen, run a text analysis and found the most popular words that are used to define what actually is a pen. Then I systematized all acquired data according to English syntax structure and then generated all possible sentences.

What you see in this book is a projection of brain activity. It partially shows how much information goes through our minds of which we even don't know about. As you can see it combines a lot of information together, creates statements that make little to no sense, nonetheless, continues further and further till the moment it actually comes close to "epiphany" - to something that starts to make sense.